View Full Version : TVix 5100 - LCD out of order -> PSU problem ! need help

23-02-08, 19:12
hi, my tvix is working normally appart from lcd display off.

after search (open box ), it is a pb on a capacitor (C13) on the PSU.

Can someone provide me with the specs (or event better the whole diagram of the psu) of this capacitor ?


23-02-08, 22:32
It seems that this is a VERY commun problem in this range...

24-02-08, 19:29
First one I've heard about.

28-02-08, 08:53
I had the some problem. C13 is 100nF.(change for bigger voltage f.e. 250V)
I advice you to change also two transistors Q1 and Q2. Mine were totally burnt but with spyglas i read specs. Transistors are C2328A. I have changed it and box is functioning.

14-12-09, 09:56

I'm french
my TVIX 5100 SH has the same problems (lcd screen out of order)
I want to know where rodaman has bought his condensateur C13
100 nf and 250V. I can't find it on the web:(
Do you know a web site where i can buy it in France ?




08-11-10, 18:10
Hi, my 4100SH Display is damaged too... can anyone show me how to open TVIX 4100SH and pull out the display? Thanks!

16-05-11, 20:52
Got a 4100 myself, with faded display intensity. Read a lot of stuff here and disassembled the case per the 6x00 instructions. A bit tricky, but a little brute force helped.

With the 4100, you should change the C7 capacitor (0.1uF, 63V) on the power supply board, just like the 6x00 series. Did it, and my display is ok again.

Thanks to everyone for spreading the info!

Kei Clark
17-05-11, 08:24
Here's the instructions on howto to open the M4000/4100/6500, if anyone else needs it: