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14-09-08, 12:23
In this version I have included a demo application called liquid_remote, which displays the result of some of my latest research: control over the remote, LCD, and watchdog mechanism (prevention of automatic reboot after termination of core processes). I will give a detailed description of this mechanism in a later post on http://www.binar-art.net

The above are some of the milestones that I defined here (http://www.binary-art.net/?p=59)

When the demo is run, the DViCO main program is terminated, so that I can exclusively access the locked device drivers. It then shows a scroll text in the LCD, and waits for remote control commands. When a button is pressed, the name of the respective button is printed in the terminal and TViX LCD.
Code will be posted later.

What does all this mean?
It is the first step in making it possible to create an alternative interface. An XBMC interface would be nice, but the road to get there is still long.

This release also includes some more excellent eye candy from Eonnemisis. See this (http://www.mpcclub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13565) thread for more examples.

For answers to common questions, see my Firmware FAQ (http://www.binary-art.net/?page_id=337)

Download the firmware here: http://www.binary-art.net

# Firmware version: M-6×00_1.1.44
# sshd (username: root, password: opentvix)
# smbd (username: root, password: opentvix)
- There is one share called “root” which exports the entire TViX filesystem, in addition to the auto-mounted tvixhd1 share.
# Web configuration
# Enhanced Ctorrent
- configured to syncronize the clock at startup to remedy the hardware clock issue
# Several (http://www.binary-art.net/?p=420) additional utilities
# Icons by Eonnemisis.
# Unlocking of Korean units (configured through the Web interface).
# liquid_remote LCD- remote control demo.



* LCD and remote control demo
* Watchdog disabeling.
* Unlocking of Korean language binding for affected units (fix discovered by KORus at opentvix.com)
* Eonnemisis icons


* New web GUI
* rar