View Full Version : BadEIP_M-6x00_1.3.65 Tvix Hangs on LOADING screen - Solved!!

06-12-08, 01:15
** Double post - Posted at binary-art also **

I installed BadEIP_M-6x00_1.3.65 today. I have not played with the new firmware much at all, but I can tell that I love it. Thank you!

I played a DVD-iso and a m2ts with HD-Audio and it also works.

I had an error during/after the new firmware flash and subsequent re-boot. After flash, the Tvix attempted to do a normal re-boot, however, it was sticking at the LOADING screen.
I did a second (safe mode) installation of the firmware, which resulted in the same error.

In an act of desperation and troubleshooting, I disconnected the HDMI cable from the Tvix, and did a re-boot. It worked! The Tvix did a normal boot after removing the HDMI cable.

The Tvix HDMI cable was connected to an AVR (Onkyo 805). It is possible that the same Boot Error (HDMI Cable) may have been fixed if I would have just shut-off the AVR. The Tvix boots-up normally now, with the HDMI cable connected.