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10-12-08, 14:30
This is my first release based on the official 1.3.74 firmware.

Changes since 1.3.65:
- version 0.42 of Johnís file browser
- updated tvixconfig (utilized by the web interface to allow configuration of the TViX)
- fixed scp (secure copy)
- simplified toggling of daemons

Read more, and download the firmware here:



14-12-08, 13:00

love the new icons and speedy menu response.

17-12-08, 12:49
I tried your modified firmware for the first time with launch of 1.3.74 and i gotta say WOH! 8O
This is mighty impressive, even though being a 'normal' user, i won't get to enjoy most of the stuff you put in there :wink:

Of course i have one question^^ about the boot time. Here it still takes 50 seconds, but right after flash i did the 'cleanup' sequence (maintaning stop & setup buttons on tvix until it reboots). Could i have done a mistake here or is quicker boot not included!?

cleanup method found here:
"Reset Defaults TViX M-6500/M7000
In some cases resetting to defaults can come in handy. Although the internal firmware has the options to "reset to defaults", it is not as accurate in operating the command and this version.

* Pressing the stop and setup buttons on the actual box simultanuously and keep pressing them until the display shows "SAVING".
* After several seconds, the TViX automatically reboot to factory settings.

This appeared to completely reset the TViX + NVRAM"
(post of Blurayx)

Thanks :D

17-12-08, 14:32
Hi porkepik!

I am glad you like it =)

The method I use to speed up boot time is to disable cleanmarkers in one of the JFFS2 file systems located on the flash (this is done during creation of the firmware).
This reduces boot time somewhat, as these markers are checked when the file system is mounted.
The stop+setup method is not the same, which AFAIK just reset the configuration to factory defaults (and removes redundant data)



17-12-08, 23:52
ok, thanks for the explanation :)

btw, just rechecked and i got 47s against 51s for official so still a win^^

02-02-09, 17:09
why canīt i pick danish lang?