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21-03-09, 00:57
I have a issue with my tvix 5100.

First at all, I own this box for two years, I played all the file that are in it and all work fine with my Sharp 42' full hd and Samsung full hd via HDMI.

Now I sell it to a collegue and buy a new 7000. He just bought a new Philips 42' full hd. Now he has a sound issue, seems that the sound is working on the initial boot, but then as soon as you stop a file or put it in pause, then the sound disapear (looks like the entry detect no sound and diseable the entry).

Are you aware of such issue?

Many thanks in advance for your help

21-03-09, 11:59
A lot depends on the setup and negotiation between the TV and player over HDMI... Hard to see from a distance. Since it works fine until pause is pressed, I would assume the issue lies with the connection...

24-03-09, 09:39
I still have an ocasonally problem like yours with my 4130 and Philips 32PFL9632. Originally I suspected Tvix player, but one day I discovered that just switching inputs on my TV during Tvix playback solves the problem.
On the other hand, all of Philips software updates acts the same in regards with the sound drop.


24-03-09, 12:59
I have the same problem with my 5100 and a Philips 42PFL9603.

I think it must be something related with HDMI handshaking, as the problem never appeared with my previous Samsung TV, and the Philips works perfectly with my previous KISS DP-600, the WD HD Media Player, and some other players I have tested.

I also solve the problem changing input source in the TV (faster than rebooting the tvix). I have noticed two things regarding this issue: the problem arises much less frequently -almost never- when playing 24p files (I mean playing a 24p file, stopping and then playing another 24p file), and that sound comes back almost always if you jump to the next file without stopping the first (if and only if that second file is 24p), and then jump back using the back button to the first file.

I think the Tvix and the Philips doesn't 'like' each other much, but as I'm not sure which to blame, I haven't reported this error to any of them.

31-03-09, 10:11
I have exactly the same issue with a 37" full HD Philips TV in combination with the Tvix. It all worked fine until I have upgraded the firmware on the TV and the firmware on the Tvix. I cannot say for sure which one broke the sound, and I don't have the time to try it...
The work around is to press P+ (it will go to HDMI2) and P- on the Tv remote. The sound comes back OK.

I have reported this problem to Philips with no reply yet.