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05-04-09, 17:17
Here we are, after the full review updating the performance on the QNAP TS-809 as latest firmware has enabled the 2TB hard drives for being used in this system. Good to know if it actually works as expected, giving us not only better storage space but also delivers adequate performance. Based on a 2.4 DUAL Core processor and no less than 2GB memory the QNAP should be able to set speed records.

Combining that with up to 8 2TB SATA hard drives delivering 16TB of storage space, we should be in for a thrill ride… and it is… We got 8 2TB hard drives from Divxplayer, Western Digital WD20EADS SATA so these are the “green” drives with 32MB cache. The build took about 20 minutes to complete after which about 16 hours of syncing was necessary to complete the full unit. While the unit can be used at this time, performance tests need to be completed when the unit is fully idle to measure actual performance.

We use our laptop connected by cable to a NetGear GS116 GBIT switch. Our PC is powered by a 2.8 Intel Centrino 2 chip and 4GB memory, running on Vista Ultimate. Our target set to reach is "100MB" in both read and write performance tests to even consider ourselves happy about the performance as the €1.700 this unit costs (barebone) is bound to disappoint me if we stay below that magic marker. This is the highest ever measured by us during tests so let's be optimistic. Off course, no tweaking or changes have been made by us to influence results, we want the "real thing" as they happen at home in a normal environment. As usual, we use our ATTO benchmarking for the QNAP TS809, configured in RAID6 with 8 WD20EADS disks.

We are absolutely satisfied with the results given the disks are "green drives" on top. Absolutely great write performance was measured reaching up to 112Mb/s, that's plain excellent performance. It gotten even better in read performance reaching up to 116Mb/s. So, if you're equipment is up to it, the TS-809 clearly shows the specifications are not just a matter of "showing off", they actually provide additional performance that is saving you time in transferring data.

Sure it remains expensive, but it's fast and the top NAS at this time for home use...

08-04-09, 09:41
Here's my TS-639 Pro Test Report:

Note that my laptop is slower only 2.0Ghz and I'm running XP but I'm getting a faster system next month and will redo the tests then!



09-04-09, 22:14
both a bit expensive for me but i am in for a 439.

If there is one for sale then i am tempted ;)

Here are some interesting things to read about speed testing: