View Full Version : Problem with the 1.7.5 firmware already

30-04-09, 17:47
i just loaded the new firmware and at least half of my existing files do not show up in the browser. is there some new setting i need to change? btw files are missing on the internal hdd and the external hdd as well

01-05-09, 04:05
I think this post would have been more appropriate in the firmware discussion thread.

Assuming Dvico are going to read the feedback on this beta firmware (!), you ought to be a bit more descriptive so they can solve or reproduce the issue.

Any common file extensions? File permissions? What exactly is missing? You can still see everything via FTP/USB slave etc right?

I updated to the new beta firmware this morning and as far as I can see my files are still all showing. But like most people I have quite a large collection of files so I may have just not noticed...

01-05-09, 05:53
Please discuss in the firmware thread. THat's the one monitored by DViCO.