View Full Version : How to configure Pass - through?

14-05-09, 15:53

I never used pass-trough before (only sound over HDMI and TV speakers).

What must I do on setup to use pass -through?

Please correct my sentences if I'm wrong:

- Choose digital sound
- turn HDMI sound off
- And use a optical or coaxial cable to connect the sound decoder (amplifier)

If I do this I am using pass-through option? I mean, let the amplifier do all the work to decode the sound?


14-05-09, 16:56
That's correct.
In that case you sound is handled by the reciever.

15-05-09, 02:52
turn HDMI sound off is not required because TViX is able to output HDMI + coax/toslink simultaneously. By leaving HDMI on, you get the chance to choose, and if your TV is unable to cope with digital audio, TV will 'mute' the audio anyway.
Note: This is the case with 6500a and I believe is the same with earlier models.