View Full Version : Accented characters from NFS NAS?

21-05-09, 09:13
Dear friends,
After a long struggle, I finally found the right way to connect my QNAP 639 Pro NAS to the TVIX 4100 via wireless. And it works (almost) flawlessly.

However, I have noticed that if a file on the NAS does have accented characters (טיעאלש), those characters appear garbled on the TVIX. Of course, on the NAS I have set the filename encoding as "Western Europe/Latin 1 (850)" and it is configured to share its contents via NFS. And the TVIX is configured so that Italian is the main language.

As the same files show the right accented characters while copied on a USB key connected to the TVIX, does anybody know what else I could try to make those filenames look right while read from my NFS NAS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

21-05-09, 11:56
Untested, but are you using a Unicode font on TViX?

21-05-09, 12:11
It's the default font (I don't know exactly which one - looks like Arial). And the very same font shows the accented characters just right when they are read from files on a USB key connected to TVIX.

As far as I know, it's not possible to change fonts on 4100/5100 series. It's a feature added to the 6500/7000 series.

21-05-09, 21:05
OK, I think I misread your original post.

If TVix is showing the chars correctly from USB key, its font HAS TO BE good :oops:

I recall having seen something similar when viewing files via PC on my FreeNAS box and only when using a certain mode (fonts are configureable for different functions).

I'll take a look again later and see if anything jogs my memory :roll: