View Full Version : Disk Sizes on QNAP TS-509 PRO

22-05-09, 19:08

I've been out of the NAS market for a while and lost track of the different companies who do what when it comes to SMART RAID configurations.

What I am after is scalable RAID with different disk sizes (like the DROBO I guess) I am not 100 that the QNAP TS-509 PROn doesn't offer this functionality .... but it does mention Online Raid Capacity Migration....

Can any of you help me here? Do i have to stick with increasing the storage with the same size disks (1TB for example)

If this product doesn't scale with different size disks. Can you please point me in the direction of a comparable product which does?


22-05-09, 19:49
It will be scaled to the smallest disc size of the group in raid.

If you had 3 1tb harddrives and 1 500 gig hard drive, it would be based off of the 500 gig, maximum size 2 tb ( but real world size would be like 1.8 tb ).

Hope this helps.