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12-06-09, 15:01
I just thought I would post this info in case someone wants to know.

I just finished doing a fresh rebuild of my 509 pro, opting to stay with Raid 5. This is what I am using:

Firmware 2.1.6

qfinder 3.3.8 0304

New 5 x WD WD20EADS 2TB hard drives

The building of the Raid 5 lasted 32 minutes.
The Sync of the drives lasted for just under 12 hours.

This is just about half the time it took me to do the sync with the 5 x 1TB Seagate ST31000340AS hard drives when I got the Nas.

One conclusion that I have made while backing up all my data is that the WD hard drives, or atleast the ones I am comparing, are fast write speed then Seagates.

I have both Seagate and WD hard drives in 1 TB. The WD hard drives were able to write my data at a rate of 83 to 102 MB/s. And the Seagate hard drives write at a rate of 56 to 88 MB/s.

All writes to the drives were done with at Vista computer, and using the regular copy/paste of Windows. I was going to use Teracopy to do my copying, but I could never get better then 33 MB/s with this software. Hardware for hard drive connection is an Esata Dock from Thermaltake.

Well that is it. Tonight I start loading about 6 TB of data on to the my new build.

14-09-09, 19:41
Damn, my 5*1TB WD RE3 509 is jealous :wink: It wants some new drives 8)

14-09-09, 19:52
I have a Qnap 409Pro with 4*1TB ES2 drivers from seagate.
Currently my disks are full and I don't have the money to spend it on 2TB disks.

I have to scramble some old HDD's from my old pc's lying around and put them in my WHS. :oops:
(still got some space left on my personal comp ~ 1.5TB)