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17-07-09, 08:49
Hi there

I have a few questions on the replication function of the qnap series... I am hoping some of who could share your experiences wiith me,,,

1) have any of you experienced any form of data corruption when replicating between two qnap nas boxes?
2) do you use the checkbox to disable file services during replication
3) what recovery options are there when the data is out of wsync for any reason?
4) is the sync/repl over TCP or UDP?
5) is the sync'ed data varified?
6) can the boxes bet setup to repl in real time, i.e. a kind of raid 1 solution between them.

Sorry for all the questions but I have been unable to determine the above from the 3 pages of QNAp posts..

Thanks so much


17-07-09, 14:14
If you need to replicate system A with System B i would select the RSYNC functions of the QNAP NAS and schedule it overnight. You can replicate this way only in one way so it's not a 2 way sync... A is synced to B...

Are you trying to replicate 1 system to another or are you trying to "sync" both units with eachother 2 ways? Are both systems in use for this to be a need of yours?

18-07-09, 21:34
Hi Hi-Jack

thanks for the reply. Ideally I was looking at real-time replication. I guess its a trade off between possible corruption of files and repl in the late hours when you wouldn't normally be accessing the storage.

I'd only be accessing one at a time I would think

thanks for the feedback...

now to find them cheaply somewhere... :(

19-07-09, 07:35
If accessing one at a time, the rsync should be ok... IN that case you'd only "replicate" the status of one NAS to the other. In case you apply changes to NAS A, you replicate with NAS B, if you make changes to NAS B, you replicate to NAS A... Notice however, even though you regularly do this, it is time consuming as the NAS would need to compare both every time...

Options include replicate deletion of files or not... A live replication system is great, but I don't think these NAS servers are really made for that... I haven't looked further than my needs of replicating for backup purpose...