View Full Version : 4000 fan stays on after sleep timer

05-08-09, 22:33
Hello all,

I did an upgrade and was getting the 3 dots in the upper screen. Since the FW did not fix anything else for me i downgraded to 2.20 i believe.

Since the downgrade, when i use the sleep timer the tvix does turn off. However the fan stays on. I have to push the power button to turn it off.

Anyone else notice this? I dont want the fan running all day.


06-08-09, 19:29
so i noticed last night that i had no control over the fan speed. I could not change the setting, it was stuck on normal.

What i did was to shut down the tvix and pull the power plug from the back of the tvix, then plug it back in. Then i started it up and everything worked fine. Not sure if pulling the plug did some kind of rest or not.

Just an FYI to anyone that might have a problem.