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08-08-09, 09:18
Dear MPC Club members,

Here's the new software update for TVIX PVR 2200/3300 series.
The major difference of this version from Rev 1.5.4 (latest public release) is the
DVBT Dual tuner support, Favorite channel Supports & some major function supports.

Here’s the R2200/3300 new firmware download link.
[ 2200 Series FW download ]http://demod.dvico.com/Beta/tvix_2200_1.8.2_Beta.zip

[ 3300 Series FW download ] http://demod.dvico.com/Beta/tvix_3300_1.8.2_Beta.zip

The upgrade procedure takes less than 3 minutes. If the firmware upgrade fails, please do the SAFE-UPGRADE.

Thanks in advance for your valuable comments.

Release Notes for Rev 1.8.2. since Rev 1.5.4 (Official Release),

1. Supports the DVB-T DUAL TUNER (T441 or T341).
- Recording one channel while watching the other channel
2. Add the FAVORITE CHANNEL function.
- At the GO-TO channel list pop-up, you can add or delete the channel by ADD/DELETE button on remote.
- You can edit the channel order in the FAVORITE CHANNEL LIST by CH +/- button on remote
- To change between registered favorite channels : “REPEAT” button
- To change between all scanned channels : “CH +/-“ button
- The TIME-SHIFTING will start automatically as soon as you enter the TV mode, when enabled.
4. Manual schedule to record user interface has changed.
- Please refer to
5. Speed up the channel zapping speed with information window.
6. Channel list pop-up window will appear according to numbers, when you press numeric key on the remote.
7. You can select the instant recording duration (free-space -> remaining minutes by EPG -> 30 min -> 60 min) by pressing “REC” button on remote sequentially.
8. Add RECORDING CANCELATION function by pressing ADD/DELETE button on remote during recording.
9. Improve the EPG update window when selecting the channel in the EPG pop-up.
10. You can select RECORDING LIST or BOOK-MARK LIST even in DTV mode by pressing BOOKMARK button.
11. Fix some EPG bugs on France DTV broadcasting
12. Supports Taiwan 6Mhz DVB-T signal and channels.
13. Some of PVR UI has changed
14. Fix the ATSC/ ANALOG PVR problem
15. Fixing minor bugs and increasing the overall reliability of PVR.

[Multimedia Player/ Others]
1. Add PREVIEW WINDOW at the file browser.
- You can enable this function by SETUP -> SYSTEM -> PREVIEW
2. Add the AUTO-RUN function
- Please make “AUTORUN” folder at root on internal HDD or network drive, then select items at setup.
3. Add the RECORDING LIST menu-item on the top menu

- You can select the recording file on the RECORDING LIST menu.
- The latest recording item will come first.
4. Show JPEG JACKET image on AUDIO-PLAYBACK window. (If JPEG files in the audio folder)
- Multiple images will be slide-showed.
5. Add the current time display on the upper-right corner.
6. Change the TOP-MENU orders and add RECORDING LIST menu item.
- HDTV & REC-LIST menu will display first when tuner is available.
7. Add new 802.11n Wi-Fi module. It’s WLAN6200C (based on Realtek 8192 chipset)
8. Support multiple subtitles in SMI file.
9. Fix the S/PDIF digital audio output problem of MP3
10. Fix the WMA audio playback problem
11. Fix the DTS down-mixing problem
12. Improve the video playback on some files.
13. Fix the BOOKMARK function bug on some files.
14. Support JPEG EXIF information by “INFO” button on the remote.
15. Support image wall-paper function at file browser.
- Make sure that image should be 1280x720 resolution and rename it tvix.jpg, then place that file at the folder you want.
- This function will be disabled when PREVIEW window is activated
16. Improve the DVD picture quality by removing the over-saturated smooth filter on video firmware.
17. Network setting will be preserved after firmware upgrade.
18. Change the some SETUP options
19. Add the power-off image.

[Known Issues]
1. Dual-recording is not possible yet. We found some performance issues, something to do with CPU speed. We’re still trying to make it work, but not sure.
2. Sometimes 11n wifi dongle cannot get the DHCP from D-Link access point.