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23-08-09, 01:31
I just bought a TS-639 and installed 4x 2 TB WD RE4-GP drives.

Loaded the drives and configured to Raid 5 w/ no encryption. Took all of 30 minutes.

I had previously seen on the forum instructions from Hi-Jack on how to configure a 6500 with a Qnap 509. I can't find it now. Can anyone point me to the location ?

Also, the lights above the drives keep flickering green. What does this mean ?


23-08-09, 08:15
After initial setup the unit is syncing it's volume, this will take 4 - 10 hours to complete and is why the unit keeps flickering as the disks are constantly accessed during this progress. This is the RAID5 at work to sync one disk onto the others...

As for the setup, it's rather simple. Set security on a folder to allow guest read access or enable NFS access on the share, then enter teh IP and details on the TViX... If you get stuck somewhere, let us know...

The old guide won't be a match anymire as the whole interface has changed over time... Guides can be found in the supertip forums...

23-08-09, 08:20

Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try.


11-09-09, 02:16

Finally home in SE Asia.

Copied all files to the 639. Plugged into the network (directly to the router) and set the IP, name, etc.

Connected the 6500 and ran the setup as instructed in the QNAP forum for an earlier model of the TVIX. Connected first time.

I moved the 6500 downstairs and as the house is mostly concrete (most are here in SE Asia) I plugged in an AZTECH homeplug 200 MBS and plugged in the 6500. Absolutely no problems at all !!. Excellent connection.

No problems with fast forward etc. Excellent video quality.

I was worried about the connectivity with he Homeplugs.

So far, so good

11-09-09, 20:27
If you need help I also have a TS-639 connected to a TViX 6500 via a switch!
So feel free to ask anything!


14-09-09, 06:38
Thanks for the offer. I'm using a Linksys router.

I'm curious, why would you use a switch instead of a router ?


14-09-09, 20:06
Well actually I do have a Netgear gigabit router which I use for DHCP .
My QNAP is attached via a switch to the router. But the Qnap is actually capable of using its own DHCP server for a closed network with no internet access. for instance if you have no network access in the vecinity of your TV.

Gr33tz :D

14-09-09, 20:15

Whats your personal opinion about the 3 different brand nas devices?
Which suites you the best?

22-09-09, 10:04
I like the Netgear the best as its the fastest to boot and easiest to configure.