View Full Version : Is it possible to protect folders on pc??

31-08-09, 19:13
Hi, I have a tvix 4100 and was wondering if it was possible to password protect the folders when plugging it into a pc as it is in a kind of public place where it is possible that it could be plugged into someone elses computer and they access it and possibly mess it all up. I know tvix manager does this on screen but im after something that allows the tvix to function normally on tv, but a big red x comes up if someone else trys to access it. Ive tried a few folder lock programmes but no success.
Thanks in advance

31-08-09, 23:14
The only thing I can think of is some sort of protection program similar to used in USB key. I suspect that TviX would be unable to read the drive too though :(

01-09-09, 00:06
Thats what i was thinking but wondered if anyone had had any success with a particular programme as ones i have tried havent worked on the usb let alone the tvix. I dont mind paying for a programme if it actually works!