View Full Version : 4100 sh fan speed?

21-09-09, 13:46

The default fan speed in my tvix 4100 sh is "normal" ;

Any problem to setting lower to slow o very slow?

Can you share your experiences?

Thanks in advance!!!

21-09-09, 15:08
The 4100 doesn't have the same heating problem that the newer (gruntier processor) 6500 does - but unfortunately it does also have a quite noisy fan. Changing from 'normal' to 'slow' to quieten the fan may or may not create a heating problem depending on your personal setup. For example, is your 4100 well vented; does your room temperature stay reasonably low (say <25 deg C)? If the answer is yes to these questions you'll likely be OK.

The TViX 6500 thread by 'OGI' on cooling has a lot of good information on replacing the noisy fan and operating temperature measurements (with the 6500). Replacing your fan with a quiter version as he suggests may be a better option.

I wouldn't suggest going to the 'very slow' setting unless maybe you have a consistently very cool environment for the unit - you should also check that the fan in the lower setting cases is in fact turning properly at the lower setting.

Another point that may be an issue is fan vibrations transmitted to your TViX's supporting surface. My 4130 was a lot quieter after I sat the unit on a more solid surface than the original plywood shelf of the media centre. Rubber feet also helped.

21-09-09, 15:53

Thanks for the info!!!

IŽll change one level to "slow" and see...by the other hand... in 4100 any screen to see the real temperature?


22-09-09, 14:12
No, not in the 4100 series TViX.