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25-09-09, 20:05
I am considering either Buffalo Linkstation Pro or Live 1TB NAS to use with my PS3 and TVIX 4100. All three will be connected to a Buffalo AG300N Ethernet converter. I want to know whether the Buffalo NAS is a good partner to the Tvix 4100. My idea is to get torrents to download directly onto the NAS and stream them to the Tvix.

-will 720p and 1080p mkvs stream without problem to the Tvix? Which option should I use NFS or Samba?

25-09-09, 23:50
I mostly recommend QNAP, Synology, NetGear and Thecus where the first three have the most integration for media players. Buffalo concentrates more on data market and not that much in media in the old days which caused us to not cover them anymore...

The bottleneck will likely not be your NAS anyway but the player's performance itself and the fact it is not truly developed as it should by firmware (it's the 4100 / 5100 players that are the least developed in general in DViCo's line of products). If the files work fine from hard drive, they should be working fine in streaming as well... although it could be due to underdeveloped features, the player lacks the stability.

Playing from hard drive (internal or USB) will often give better results.

26-09-09, 07:01
I use both internal and 2.5 external and havent had any major issues or headaches. Its a shame dvico stopped supporting the 4100, I would never buy a product of theirs again. The NAS I've planned is going to be situated next to the Tvix and hence I can use USB. I am just not sure whether a NAS with a USB port that allows it to be used as an external hard drive actually exists.

26-09-09, 08:13
It doesn't. You will have to conect it in your network. You can have other devices attached to it though over USB but not the NAS itself as a USB drive.

10-10-09, 09:34
my 5100 (cylindrical 4100) works fine
with a Synology 207+, ( 2 x WD 640GB Blue)
which has a usb connected Seagate Freeagent Desk 1TB.

10-10-09, 09:51
Look at here. This is a great site for Windows Home Servers:http://www.wegotserved.com/hardware-reviews/

I build one of my own on this platform: http://www.wegotserved.com/2008/03/29/hands-on-chenbro-es34069-home-server-chassis/

I have now 4 disks in it (2x500GB and 2 x 2TB). Works like a charm. You can even hang up a monitor on it which I did.

There are a lot of (free) addins for the WHS and almost every month there are new ones:

21-10-09, 01:27
I'm looking for a NAS also for my TVIX4100, mainly because moving the box to the PC is so cumbersome (and the ftp speed sucks). I have a HDD inside already, which can be easily moved to the NAS.

I was thinking of Conceptronic NAS media storage CH3MNAS, or the D-Link DNS-323.

Any recommendation for a cheap (<250 euro's) 2-HDD bay NAS?