View Full Version : help/issue with copy (usb) to nas - slow?

04-10-09, 19:07

just got my qnap setup and wanted to transfer my movie collection from my usb 2 external wd hdd (2tb mirror edition) to qnap but its taking ages in 3h00m it has only done 16.4% from the 1.54TB worth of data. is this normal?

using 508 with latest stable firmware
hdd Samsung FE2 1.5tb x 5 32mb cache in raid 5

i'm i doing something wrong?


sorry new to these nas drives :)

04-10-09, 20:12
Are your USB drives formatted as NTFS? Formatting them into EXT3 will speed up the transfer.

Or you can always copy over ethernet :)

04-10-09, 20:26
thanks murda, that makes sense as there in ntfs.

its an external hdd 2tb wd mirror edition only usb connection.

how you finding the xtreame? mine is still boxed will try it when i get a chance. have you configured the xreamer with the nas, will ask you for some more advice if that's o.k with you regarding the nas :)

its done 4hrs and at 24% :(

is it better copying over ftp/ethernet from my pc in future? if so how?

thanks again murda

04-10-09, 20:35
copying over FTP will be the fastest solution next to copying between esate - ext3.

I already unboxed the Xtreamer but I only watched 4 movies because of my limited time.
I am quiet suprised by the little device and convience of use.

The only draw backs are the cooler and the remote control not working 100%. But it is certainly the best value for the money!

Xtreamer integrating with NAS was no problem. You figure it out soon enough ;)

04-10-09, 21:34
thanks for the advice - like you said i'll figure it out its my first nas device and my first day only, so i will give it my feedback after few weeks.

im looking to getting the passive cooler for the xtreamer but will wait for official one before making a decision.

06-10-09, 01:40
finally it was done after 17h40min to transfer 1.54TB from USB to NAS.

just tried the drag and drop from windows explorer to a mapped network drive and it was only transferring at 4mbs surly this cannot be normal.

also tried it with FTP using winscp still slow.

i'm I doing something wrong as it way slower than transferring from usb to usb via PC?


08-10-09, 19:29
just in case anyone wants to know, it was down to having a normal modem/router, i have changed to a gigabit port one and now can transfer at 60MB/s :) can wait for my new intel NIC card hopefully should boost it by another 10-20MB/s