View Full Version : Connecting Dvico M3100U via USB to airport extreme

18-10-09, 05:55
Hi, I want to do the follow:

Hook up a Dvico Tvix 4100 via USB to a airport extreme, the mounted hardisk have 1TB and have 3 partitions.

One partition is just for movies (400GB) and I need that would be accessible to all wireless network clients by airport disk, the problem is that airport extreme only support HFS+ and FAT32 file systems, so this partition has to be FAT32 to Dvico and Airport disk could "talk"?

I read somewhere that are partition limits of fat32?
I know that donīt support files with > 4GB.

The rest 2 partitions would be backup and Time machine, both HFS+ file system, I donīt care if dvico could not see them, but I want to access them from all computer in my wireless network.

Please advise me if all this is correct and sorry my english.