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23-10-09, 22:39
Hi. This is my first post for a long while. I look for some help. I have an old TVIX 4000P that I use from time to time. My network is built upon D-Link router DIR-855 and also some D-Link gigabit switches, and as a server for multimedia I use WinXP SP3. In my system I also have some Cuberevo Linux sat recievers connected to my network and for streaming purposes I run XLink NFS server on my XP server so I can share NFS folders and stream videos over LAN to my satrecievers.
Now I have uninstalled TVIX Netshare on my WinXP PC as TVIX Netshare doesn't work along with XLink NFS server on my XP pc, but interestingly my TVIX works fine together with my NFS server and no need for TVIX Netshare program.

No my problem: I have now found out that my network streaming capability i markedly reduced if I use my antivirus program, e.g Kaspersky IS 2010. As soon as I disable Kaspersky FIREWALL (without shutting down KIS) , video playback on my TVIX is just fine, even heavy DVD's including DTS audio in iso format. As soon as I activate KIS firewall again the video playback starts stuttering, and eventually freezes and my TVI shuts down.

My other problem, as I described above, is that I cannot use TVIX Netshare alone as a NFS server as I then can not stream to my sat boxes.

My questions are: Is there any way to set up Kaspersky IS 2010 so it doesn't inflict on streaming capabilitys of my NFS server? Please, give me some help.


24-10-09, 07:33
Almost any anti virus stuff has an on access scanner integrated meaning a file being loaded is scanned. IN addition the suite you have should have firewall as well so you will need to configure the ports and folders containing the media to be excluded from scanning on access...

29-10-09, 18:48
Thanks for answer Hi-Jack. My efforts to do as you said didn't help so I uninstalled XLink NFS server and activated TVIX Netshare again and did not make any changes at all to KIS. So KIS still running as default installation. Voila, now no problem streaming any videos at all.
My conclusion: I have to find another NFS server software that can replace TVIX Netshare in order to make streaming possible both to my TVIX but also to my Linux sat recievers over LAN.
Well, if someone reads this, maybe Hi-Jack himself, I'd appreciate any recommendations regarding well working and tested NFS server software.

Thanks in advance