View Full Version : Problem with transfering big files from Qnap 219p

06-12-09, 16:09
Hi, i have some problems with my qnap 219p.
When i connect to it with flasfxp i can see the files and the real size of them. And when i put them in queue itīs also real size. But when i start to transfer them to my computer it changes size. Ex: 4,07gb becomes 65mb, 10,93gb becomes 2,93gb, 4,3gb becomes 300mb etc etc. And if i start the transfering of the 4,3gb file for ex, it continues after it reaches 300mb. But when it reach 1gb than a message appears: There is already a file with that name, would you like to replace it?

Anyone who know what to do?

Ps: smaller files than 4gb works fine

06-12-09, 16:12

06-12-09, 17:15
Sounds liek a problem with your PC and not with the NAS...
Try copying a file when not using FTP...

06-12-09, 17:44
Ok. It works fine to just copy a file and add it in my computer. But i dont think it has to do with my computer anyway, som friends have also the same prob when they tries to transfer files from my nas. It works fine to transfer files TO the qnap, but not FROM it.

14-01-10, 20:28
How is the harddisc you are transferring to formatted?