View Full Version : TS-439Pro and rTorrent++ problems

13-12-09, 20:50

I am fighting with getting rTorrent to work on my QNAP TS439Pro.

I have the ports forwarded properly on my router (WRT54GL w/ DD-WRT). I have confirmed this with uTorrent on an XP box (it works when I point the port forward to the XP IP, but not when I point to the NAS IP).

rTorrent version is: 0.8.5 b1023 r1098 (O2 Epoll)
QNAP fw is: 3.2.0 Build 1107T

rTorrent QPKG is installed and enabled. ruTorrent interace works and shows the torrents, but if I highlight any of them and look at the general tab, the Tracker Status: is always blank
Nothing downloads and nothing uploads.

I am using it with four different private trackers and all of them report me as seeding 0 files, but there are a couple of queued downloads for each of them.

The only error like thing I can find is in the logout.php file:
(11:00:09) Using 'epoll' based polling.
(11:00:09) Ignoring ~/.rtorrent.rc.
(11:00:09) XMLRPC initialized with 518 functions.
(11:00:09) The SCGI socket has not been bound to any address and likely poses a
I googled that last line and it should say "The SCGI socket has not been bound to any address and likely poses a security risk". This implies XMLRPC is not config'ed properly but the result of that should be ruTorrent would not work, but it does. I doubt this would affect its ability to seed, but nothing's upping or downing...

Any ideas?

12-02-10, 04:04
I have a ts 809 and i am everprice the same problem.

any updates yet jumans?