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15-12-09, 11:50
Check it out:


"Would you like to play as one of the first with the YuiXX? That’s possible! Below please find the option to pre-order the YuiXX (some or for residents in The Netherlands only and some are also for International orders). YuiXX expects to ship out all pre-orders end of January 2010.

The YuiXX will be available with the following configuration:

CYUIXXWL:- YuiXX Internet media player 11n (no HDD inside) - €299
CYUIXXWL1T:- YuiXX Internet media player 11n with 1 TB - €399

A DVB-T tuner will be available end of January beginning of February in combination with a Smard Card for pay-TV. This module can be ordered as an upgrade kit later. This way you can enjoy more functions with an existing YuiXX without having to buy a new one!

YuiXX is striving to be compatible with more providers, also in combination with DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S tuners. This depends on the planning of the YuiXX development team en the willingness of providers to cooperate durinjg the compatibility process and approvals. The intention is, when new compatibilities are available with DVB tuners, an upgrade kit can be ordered to upgrade your existing YuiXX. Off course we constantly try to add new widgets in the YuiXX widget store to have you get the most out of it!

Availibility of Widgets

At the moment of release, a number of widgets are available in the YuiXX widget store. Most of them are for the Netherlands only or are in the Dutch language. Some restrictions are defined, because of the location where you are, for example when playing a streaming rented video. These services are mostly available per country and not globally.

Nevertheless, YuiXX will try to update the widget store with more widgets during the coming weeks and months and years with great content for different countries in different languages! You will always have access to the YuiXX media widget to play, share and stream via a (wireless) network your Full HD videos, photos and music to your TV.

Make sure you register your YuiXX and to keep yourself up to date when there are new releases."

Link with additional technical specifications:



15-12-09, 12:19
Notice, if you receive the player before the tuners are available, you will have to send in your player to have it fitted. In our last conversation, YuiXX confirmed this cannot be done by the end user himself...(not explained in this overview of pre-orders and is important for international customers due to the expense affiliated).

10-03-10, 03:13
Ah, So TviX still has the leg up over YuiXX as the TV Tuner module is easily installed and removed by anyone, including the end user.

Hi-Jack, I hope we will be able to secure one for MPC for review. I would really like to test this product out and see how it performs and shapes up against our existing Sigma and Realtek units.

10-03-10, 05:05
We will review one as soon as they are available. Hopefully now the tuners will be available immediately considering the delays... That prevents some of the inconvenience in sending back the unit for it.