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11-01-10, 15:18
Hi guys,

I need some help with an technical issue I have with my player.....

Since a week or so my player is not working as good as I used, whenever I use a HDMI cable.
The thing is that when I use my HDMI cable the signal disappears. If use another cable everthing
is working fine.

Can someone help me, as I would like to play Bluray movies and would like to play them correctly

I will try another fw

Also try different TVs, same problem....

Thanks a lot for your input guys

11-01-10, 23:12
Not sure what unit you have, but a friend of mine had a 4100 and his HMDI output broke, leaving only component to work.

It turned out to be a hardware error on the motherboard, but I think he managed to work around it by turning off 24hz, turning off auto edid and hard setting the output. Can't remember exactly what he did (and he has a newer unit now), but basically turn off anything that can autoswitch.

May help you?

12-01-10, 11:09
Thanks for your fast reply.

Do you know how to turn off 24hz

Thanks a lot

12-01-10, 18:42
Can;t remember off hand. But I think it was added it the latest version and in the section where you state PAL or NTSC

13-10-10, 20:25
Sorry for my English. Im spanish.

I have the same problem with HDMI.
BudaGallego, help me!!, jejeje...

Ive TVIX 4100 + Samsung le37C650