View Full Version : NDAS on Mvix and NAS on PCH and Dune 3.0

13-01-10, 04:50
Hello everyone,
I'm going to be upgrading from an Mvix 760 HD to either a PCH C-200 or a Dune Base 3.0. The Mvix unit had NDAS capability which was very easy to set up and use. I understand that the PCH C-200 and Dune models use NAS and from what I've been reading NAS is harder to set up and use (does the PCH C-200 in fact now have NAS? I thought I read somewhere that the PCH C-200 didn't support NAS when it was first introduced). Can someone please tell me the difference between NDAS and NAS with regards to functionality, ease of use and set up? To use NDAS on the Mvix unit I had to download and install on the 760 HD software from Ximeta, can similar software be used on the PCH or the Dune model?

I'm just trying to be sure that any new NMT I buy will have the same features as my old Mvix unit (only with MUCH better reliability and customer support!). Thanks!