View Full Version : Expanding on TS-639

25-01-10, 16:47
Hi everyone,

I am trying to upgrade my TS-639 from 6 x 1 TB to 6 x 2 TB.

I therefore go into Raid Management Expand Capacity menu and click change for the drive I want to replace. I then get the message Please remove this drive. So I take the drive out. The NAS beeps twice and shows drive ejected. But I never get a message to insert the new drive. Should this message show immediately?

When I insert a new drive this drive is not detected and rebuilding wont start.

Please help!

26-01-10, 16:39
Up until now it still isn't working. I can wait till forever for the message Please insert the new drive, but it simply doesnt show after I have ejected the old drive. Im using the newest firmware 3.2.1_1231.