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26-01-10, 06:02
Hello all
I am new to this Forum, and fairly new to the DViCo TViX HD M-6500A. I bought my unit already pre loaded with a 1 tb hard drive, which in turn was loaded with HD/BLU Ray movies. I am very happy with the unit but until now I have had no reason to connect it to my PC. Today I needed to delete some movies and enter some new ones. However I could not get my PC to register the unit in "my computer", it tells me it is downloading software but then nothing, no way to access the files on the unit. I am running windows vista ultimate, and windows 7 ultimate. I have tried with both computers but its the same. Can anyone assist me please. Thank you in advance
Ian Ward

26-01-10, 06:16
The best and the fastest files transfer (copy or delete) is used the USB slave (white square) to connect to any PC USB host.
1_Make sure the Tvix is off
2_Connect USB cable
3_Now turn on the Tvix

To disconnect:
1_Safely remove USB mass storage device
2_Turn off the Tvix
3_Unplug USB cable

26-01-10, 07:13
Thank you for the reply. I have tried this many times but the PC does not recognise the unit. Usualy when I connect an external hard drive it will register in "MY COMPUTER" and then all I have to do is click on the device to open and access the files.

26-01-10, 07:35
You have connected the Tvix to the electricity and powered it on ? :-)
The PC should find new hardware and install the proper drivers automatically. It may take a couple of seconds for Vista to undentify the new hardware

26-01-10, 08:04
Yes it downloads the drivers, and when I check in Device manager the driver is there & working correctly. But how do I open the device to view the files. There is no icon to click in "computer" There should be a TVIX icon here in Hard disk drives, Devices with removable storage & other. But there is nothing so how do I access the TVIX to view its contents?
Tahnk you

26-01-10, 10:32
Deleting the files with your remote control.
Use a FTP program transfering the files from your computer to the Tvix

26-01-10, 12:16
Yes I could possibly find my way around deleting the files via the remote control. However im not familair with FTP programmes, I've just done a quick Google search and Im led to believe that you need to have your TVIX connected to the Internet to use this method. My unit is not connected to the internet/network, and I have no way of doing so at my present location.

Does anybody know why the TViX doesnt display an icon in ''my Computer" unit is connected via the USB cable provided to my PC, power is on, driver is installed & working in Device manager . . . . If I connect another external hard drive to my PC it instantly recognises it and displays an icon in ''my computer" then its just a simple case of clicking on the icon to access the files.

Thank you

27-01-10, 10:55
V strange behavior you are seeing.

Perhaps it just isn't assigning it a drive letter. Try going to Computer Management, then click on the Disk Management node below Storage, and see if the drive is actually being seen by Vista.

Vista can be silly about permissions on USB drives insisting that you take ownership of all of the files on them if they werent created on the same computer before it allows you to modify them, but that usually comes after you actually get to see the drive...

Ah btw you are drilling down into 'Computer' in Explorer right? USB drives typically appear below/within Computer not at the same level.

One more thought and edit. You mention that you got it preloaded not only with a drive but also with movies. Any chance it has been formated with anything other than NTFS e.g. linux FS? That could cause the behavior you are seeing. Bit odd though...

27-01-10, 12:18
Thanks for the reply
Ok I just looked in computer management and yes the files are there but it does not indicate which kind of file system . . . ? Maybe you are right and the format is something other than NTFS. Maybe the best idea is to take the unit & my pc back to the shop where I biught it from!