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28-01-10, 13:46
Before Getting Started
- It's highly suggested that you should back up all the data before applying this update.
- If you found the UI is incomplete/incorrect, please try to clear the browser's cache first and then refresh current page.

Version & Build
v3.2.2 Build0128

Applied Model
TS-259, TS-459, TS-659, TS-859
TS-239, TS-439, TS-439U, TS-509, TS-639, TS-809, TS-809U, SS-439 and SS-839

What's New?
- none

- Improves RAID 0 Samba write performance in TS-259, 459, 659, 859 Pro
- Provides advanced settings for Remote Replication jobs: Users can now specify values for timeout, retry times, and retry intervals

Major Bug Fixing
- Fixed stability issue with MPIO
- Fixed failed Remote Replication jobs and removed the progress indicator in Remote Replication
- Fixed rsync segmentation fault error in some cases
- Fixed failed synchronized backup jobs when backing up to external drives
- Fixed occasional unstability issues with iSCSI target connections during the NAS boot process
- Fixed usernames with spaces can't login via Windows Networking (SAMBA)
- Fixed SNMP trap address error handling
- Fixed log daemon crash with IPv6 addresses
- Can't join Windows AD if the password contains the special character !
- Users cannot authenticate using a Windows Server 2000 domain controller
- Update WINS configuration on Samba changes
- After changing the SSL port in web server, users cannot login via HTTPS.
- After changing the web administration port and resetting the NAS via the reset button, users cannot login via HTTPS.
- (UPnP Media Server) In dual-lan setup, media receivers will appear twice
- (Multimedia Station) Can't navigate to the other pages

Known Issues
- Playback issue in Surveillance Station under 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7
- RAID 1 expansion may fail in some cases (to be fixed in the next firmware release)
- HTTPS file upload in Web File Manager only supports Internet Explorer browser


29-01-10, 16:02
I hope it solves my expanding problem on the TS-639:

05-02-10, 15:09
Info from QNAP developers:

by QNAPJason 05 Feb 2010 11:05

Hi guys,
We have verified that scheduled RR jobs do not start.
QNAP will release a firmware update as soon as possible early next week.