View Full Version : Javascript / HTML - which box has best support?

15-02-10, 03:45
I've been using a PCH A-100 for a couple of years, and I wrote my own php/HTML application (similar to SwissCenter) that runs on my home server, to serve up my media in an interface I, the wife, and the kids can live with.... but it is old and tired, and I want to update it.

What I HATE is the crappy half-way support for javascript and even some basic HTML in the PCH. For example, if you simply put a table inside an absolutely positioned DIV it hangs. Only basic CSS is supported, etc.... you get the idea.

Do any other boxes have better HTML and javascript support? I want to do a better interface, but every feature I try to add, I am handicapped by the Syabas limitations.


15-02-10, 07:02
Some other developers have achieved quite a good interface on the NMT players using HTML but javascript for sure is missing or limited (licensing)... In the near future there is flash support coming so that would break open your changes likely to develop your own so would it be usefull to do a makeover now over using another ready solution available already for a few more months?

By the way, the A-100 is not included into flash makeover i believe (not 100% sure) so an upgrade of a player wold be necessary as well...

15-02-10, 16:07
Thanks for your prompt reply. I am not keeping the A-100... I am getting rid of it for something with better HTML support.... and go to an HTPC if no one has better HTML support than the PCH. But I would prefer to stick with a STB media streamer.

Although it may be a common misconception, there is no license needed for ECMA Script (javascript) nor for HTML.

I have played with just about every alternative out there for the PCH, and all of them are workarounds and kludges and extremely limited. What else can you call creating large images in order to present simple graphic effects because the dumbed-down browser can't do them? Really simple things like divs or table cells with only top and bottom borders, people have to do by making images.

You can't do layers or floating divs. You can't do opacity... I mean really, no opacity for semi-transparent overlays? Can't change innerHTML or collapse elements either. Something as simple as a table inside a div and you have to pull the power from the PCH to reset it!

See http://www.networkedmediatank.com/wiki/index.php/Technical_Documentation#Javascript_on_NMT

It also makes it nearly impossible to browse to a regular website. I used to include links to several sites from my UI, but as the HTML on those sites got sophisticated, it is now useless to go to browse to them from the PCH.

I have looked into the new flash-light being introduced soon, and it is dumbed-down just like the HTML support. Flash is a horrid platform to design an interface for dynamic content.

So the question remains, do any of the set top box media streamers have good HTML/Javascript support.... good enough that they can be used on real Internet web pages?