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03-03-10, 09:54
Hi all!

This is my first post in this great community!

I hope you can help me choosing a media player.
This is what it should have:

- A nice and fast GUI
- HD file formats support (MKV, ripped BD)
- DVD and possibly BD menu support (with subtitles)
- M4A and FLAC support with a nice GUI for choosing the songs, with cover picture, etc.
- A decent remote, possibly with direct buttons for audio, subtitles, etc.
- Possibly NO fans (I want it quite)
- Possibly with DTS-MA and Dolby TruHD pass-through (for these feature I'm really confused... is there anything doing this?)
- NO wifi needed
- NO internal hard disk needed (I will use a NAS via ethernet)

So far I've found:
- WD TV Live
- Emtec N200
- Kraun Media Station 1080p
- Xtreamer

But it looks like no-one is doing all what I would like :roll: ...

Budget is aroud 100€

Any suggestion?

03-03-10, 10:51
Hi in your price range there certainly is no player doing everything(e.g. look for HD Audio passthrough and Realtek chipsets in this forum).

But even in higher price ranges(eg. HDI Dune Base) most(or all?) players will fail with
"M4A and FLAC support with a nice GUI for choosing the songs, with cover picture, etc."

Not with M4A and FLAC support in general, but I haven't seen any GUI for AUDIO File handling I'd be happy with.

04-03-10, 23:04
So far the Emtec N200 seems to be the best, within my budget!
(even if the GUI is the worst...)

I was tempted by the WD TV Live but I discovered it doesn't support the DVD menus!
Quite a nonsense for what should be a media player!

08-03-10, 06:23
The Tvix N1 from DViCO will do what you are looking for, except the HD Audio.