View Full Version : HDX BD-1 , Dune Prime 3.0 OR Popcorn hour c-200

06-03-10, 15:10
Hi Guys im really confuse between these 3 players. What i need is to get BD drive and the DD HD and DTS MA pass through. I really like Popcorn hour c200 as its look and so many things you can do with it. But not sure if the sound and the BD will work like charm on the c200 or not. I herd HDX BD-1 is good option too as it can take the external usb BD drive and work well. About the Dune prime 3.0 its good player but some how it seems not worth it because of the price if you compare with the top line BD players in the market like OPPO. So im really confused what to buy. Please help me out here as you guys are experts on these Media players and honestly im very new to this scene. I hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks.

27-04-10, 18:37
I choose Dune Prime 3.0.
HDX BD-1 is so hot when put hdd internal.
Popcorn C-200 is not friendly

06-05-10, 18:02
Popcorn C200 is the best of HD Player.

15-05-10, 04:13
By the way just to let you guys know that im a Happy camper with the dune prime 3.0. Its plays everything like a charm. There is no way to compete the factory tune bd drive. Now best thing about the Dune is the customer service which is most count. Thanks guys for all your adive and mpc for this great website.