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19-03-10, 05:40
Qnap has released another update for their NAS while we wait for the V3.3 update incorporating the mobile application options. Change list is limited but none the less we should mention it...


The 3.3 is expected around end of April...

19-03-10, 22:53
[Before Getting Started]
- It's highly suggested that you should back up all the data before applying this update.
- If you found the UI is incomplete/incorrect, please try to clear the browser's cache first and then refresh current page.

[Version & Build]
v3.2.4 Build0315

TS-239: 2150382073
TS-239ProII: 2932873136
TS-259: 1726872248
TS-439: 4186640226
TS-439ProII: 776203566
TS-439U: 2358416195
TS-459: 3930108303
TS-459U: 1543778299
TS-509: 3624055225
TS-639: 1168880905
TS-659: 3929479224
TS-809: 1036474287
TS-809U: 2515882210
TS-859: 1532347886
SS-439: 2822546800
SS-839: 2480431779

[What's New?]
- Upgrade ext4, base on Linux kernel
- TwonkyMedia 5.1.3

- Change deafult bonjour service name for iTunes and Time Machine to avoid using the same service name on different service types.
* iTunes server: ServerName(iTunes)
* Time Machine: ServerName(TimeMachine)
- Speed up rsync compress performance

[Major Bug Fixing]
- System Configuration: Fixed abnormal system configuraiton file(s) recovered
- Security Update: The key and certificate files can be reached after importing SSL certificate and enable HTTPS connection
- Notification: System can't send email when using the SMTP server which doesn't require authentication
- DDNS: Can't use some specific characters in the username field
- Date and Time: Fixed the error pop-up message while applying the settings
- Port Trunking: Fixed the error pop-up message while applying the settings
- Port Trunking: The setting can't be applied when switching the mode from Balanc-alb to Fail Over
- SMSC: Fixed the error pop-up message while applying the settings, and the settings can't be applied
- Mac OS X: Fixed the wrong file size(268.4MB) when connecting to NAS shared folders
- UPnP Media Player: Fixed files can't be displayed in XBOX 360

[Known Issue]
- HTTPS file upload in Web File Manager only supports Internet Explorer browser
- (Surveillence Station) Live view does not work for D-LINK DCS6220
- (Surveillence Station) Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected if selecting channel in Live View page.
- (Surveillence Station) No volume adjustment during playback under Windows XP SP2/IE6/WindowsMediaPlayer9
- In some DST regions, disabling DST will cause time difference by 5-20 minutes

20-03-10, 15:18
Works on my TS-509 pro.

I finaly can sent e-mail warnings from my Qnap now.
Still waiting for Twonky version with mkv conversion fo

20-03-10, 18:33
Flashed my TS-639 Pro yesterday and all went well!