View Full Version : What Nas for my Tvix 5100

25-03-10, 15:37
I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. I've googled and search the forum but I couldn't come up with my ideas any clearer. So, here it goes.
I have a Tvix 5100 and actually stream my videos (meanly .mkv) from my pc using netshare and powerline.
I need to move my pc into another room that doesn't have a phone line, so I'll get a wifi adaptor to connect my pc to internet (the router will remain in the living room).
I'm thinking about getting a NAS, also because my collection of files is getting too big...
What should I buy (that doesn't cost me an eyes :rolleyes:) and most of all, that doesn't have any problems streaming .mkv with my tvix 5100?
I've read something about Synology and Netgear ReadyNas products... But I don't know exactly what I will need...
Thank you so much and advance :grin:

26-03-10, 14:37
Solved. I'll buy a Qnap 219P...