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12-04-10, 15:36
I found that today the wap-v6000 is avaible has anyone tried that one??

State-of-the-Art-Videoprozessor 8635 von Sigma

Ein/Standby, Lautstärke und alle Steuerfunktionen über Infrarot-Fernbedienung
Batteriefach für Micro/AAA-Batterien
LC-Display und Steuertasten am Hauptgerät für Funktionswahl und Audiowiedergabe ohne TV-Bildschirm
Bedienoberfläche mit Sprachauswahl: GB, D, F, I, E, P, TR, NL, SRB, HE, CN
Wiedergabequellen: optionale Festplatte (intern, SATA), USB, Lan, Wlan.
Video: Ausgabe bis zu 1080p, Schnellsuche über Schnellauf oder Prozent-Sprungfunktion, autom. Abspielen aufeinanderfolgender Dateien.
Formate: DivX3,4,5-SD/HD,6-SD/HD, H264, MPG, MP4, MOV, AVI, TS, DAT, VOB, WMV, ASF, ISO, IFO, MKV (Matroska), DVD-Menü, Untertitel.
Audio: mit Stückinformationen (ID3 Tags, Albumcover, Dateiname usw.) Tracksuche während der Wiedergabe!
Formate: AAC, MP4, M4P, AC3 (Digitalausgabe), DTS (Digitalausgabe), WAV, PCM, MP3 (ID3), MP3pro, WMA (voice, Lossless, Pro), ASF, Flac, FLAC 24/96
Foto: Zoom-/Drehfunktionen, Diashow mit Hintergrundmusik.
Netzwerk: Zugriff auf NFS, Windows-Freigaben (SMB), UPnP-Mediaserver.
Internet: Web-Browser, Download-Torrent, Internet-Radio: z.B. Live365, Internet-Video: z.B. YouTube, Internet-Foto uvam.
Anschlüsse: Audio: Line Out, S/PDIF Digitalausgang optisch+coaxial; Video: Composite, HDMI 1.1;
USB: USB 2.0 an Front/Rückseite (2x),
Lan: Ethernet, Wlan (802.11n bis 300Mbps);
HDD: 3.5" SATA harddisk ( intern, optional)
Unterstütze Dateisysteme (USB und HDD):FAT32, NTFS, EXT3
Frequenzbereich: 20 - 20.000 Hz, S/N > 95 dB
Spannung: 110-230 Volt ~ 50/60 Hz, Standby-Verbrauch ca. 3 W (230 V)
Maße: 192 x 180 x 62 mm AV Player / 220 x 43 x 22 mm IR-Fernbedienung
* Zubehör (inkl.): Installations-CD mit Twonkymedia UPnP-Mediaserver, Audio/Video- und HDMI-Anschlußkabel.

15-04-10, 17:10
that device receives mostly enthusiastic reviews regarding its audio capabilities (24/96 FLAC being one of the most-mentioned features), but seems to be good in other respects, too. I would really like to see it (or any of the other TEAC WAP products) reviewed here

16-04-10, 14:31
Dear all,

I'm new to mpc and this is my first post. As a matter of fact, I've owned a TEAC WAP-v6000 for about 3 months now and here are some of my experiences.
The sound quality over the analog audio out is really amazing compared to other products! So, I think, if you are using it for Audio only I would definitely recommend it. I used a low-power WD HDD (green caviar) and the
heat was still bearable, although the top plate got rather warm, since the device does not have a fan (but therefore absolutely silent).

However, I had some problems at the beginning with video, etc. I don't want to go into details but just the short version:
1) The (analog) sound quality got nightmarish when no HDMI cable was connected to the device. The DAC seemed to be completely out of sync.
2) The HDMI signal seemed to be cut many times, after the device was switched on for a few minutes. According to Technical support this was due to a loose cable connecting the main board with the TEAC's LCD display... complete rubbish, if you ask me. They exchanged the cable and it's still happening. My workaround: connect the HDMI cable via an HDMI->DVI adapter to the DVI port of the monitor and voila it just works ;)
3) Recent problem: After playing music for an hour, switching to video ends up with the device not being able to play any video file anymore. I think it might be a temperature problem...

So I'm looking for a replacement and have already tried the Mede8er med500x but that didn't work for me (will send it back tomorrow) because it's just too noisy (the air blown out by the fan, not the fan itsself) and the sound quality is just not comparable to the TEAC. On top of that my device has a boot time of 52seconds which I'm not willing to live with or try to fix.

My next bet will be the Dune HD Base 3.0 where, according to MPC posts, I should at least be able to switch off the fan if I don't use internal HDD.

My experience tells me that the only way of knowing whether a device works for me or not is by ordering it and using it. I've read I_don't_know_how_many review and they're mostly rubbish... sorry, but the MPC review of the mede8er says "The fan is not audible from a distance at all, so that’s brilliant.". Yeah, brilliant. The fan isn't audible but the air is from 3 metres distance while listening to music... just as an example of how reviews work for me. ;)

Anyway, I shouldn't go on with my rant ;)
Hope my comments help. So TEAC did a good start, but, well they are an audio company after all. So they got that bit right, but video... well, maybe later. And there doesn't seem to be a big user community behind it like with other devices.

all the best

Martin Vervaart
20-08-10, 10:14
This is my first post in this forum so be polite if I'm screwing things up. I'm considering to buy a mediaplayer and I found this one from Teac which looks promising to me, but I can't find more recent reviews/experiences than this one above. Are the more users of this system and, if yes, what are their experiences?