View Full Version : QNAP [Official] v3.2.6 Build0427 for TS-110/119/210/219/410/419/U

30-04-10, 15:32
[Before Getting Started]
- It's highly suggested that you should back up all the data before applying this update.
- If you found the UI is incomplete/incorrect, please try to clear the browser's cache first and then refresh current page.

[Version & Build]
v3.2.6 Build0427

[What's New?]
- None

- Changes the default network port mode from fail-over to standalone for dual-LAN support
- Changes the default acess right of external drives to admin user only with read & write access.
Other users now have deny access by default.

[Major Bug Fixes]
- Fixed cannot connect to NAS if both NAS and client have Jumbo Frame enabled
- Fixed TS-410/410U's Surveillance Station missing Y-CAM model
- Fixed failed command line FTP via SSH if the file to be downloaded is larger than 2GB
- Fixed non-IE browser HTTPS upload failure of long file name in Web File Manager
- Fixed missing utility icons in Web File Manager if user with single folder permission pressed the refresh button
- Fixed display error of default shares in the disk usage section of Resource Monitor
- Fixed external eSATA hard drive support if it is larger than 2TB

[Known Issue]
- The quota setting in Time Machine cannot exceed 4TB
- Twonky Media Server self-restarts on some media files
- Twonky Media Server is unable to display some MP4 files
- (Surveillence Station) Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected if selecting channel in Live View page.
- Synchronization option is temporarily replaced by cp command because of the current known limitation of selected file size.

[Checksum - supported models]
TS-110: 3765050665
TS-119: 3330665587
TS-210: 1967012782
TS-219/219P: 3360418271
TS-410: 340910346
TS-410U: 1179370873
TS-419P: 1653941096
TS-419U: 1520899955