View Full Version : QNAP [Beta] v3.2.0 Build0429 for TS-109/209/409/409U

30-04-10, 15:54
after more than 9 months ( latest official FW v3.1.0 Build0708 ) QNAP publish a new beta release of firmware for their old models of NAS:
- TS-109/ 109II/ 109 Pro/ 109 Pro II
- TS-209/ 209II/ 209 Pro/ 209 Pro II
- TS-409/ 409 Pro/ 409U
.. itīs nice that producer donīt forget for their customers, which buy these "archive" products and continue with support, brings some new functionality, solve bugs...

[Before Getting Started]
- It's highly suggested that you should back up all the data before applying this update.
- If you found the UI is incomplete/incorrect, please try to clear the browser's cache first and then refresh current page.

[Version & Build]
v3.2.0 Build0429

[What's New?]
-Web File Manager 2
* Brand new user interface with best use experience
* Supports file compression (Download all files as a zip file)
* Supports file searching
* Supports drag-n-drop: moving file & folder within NAS
* Multiple files uploading /downloading
* Upload: up to 128 files at a time
* Download: auto-compress selected files into one zip file
- TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.4
- Apple Time Machine support
- Support WD EARS hard drive series (4k sector hard drive)
Note: Must upgrade to NAS v3.2.0 firmware, backup the data to another location, and then re-initialize the HDDs to adopt the WD Advanced Format Technology.
Please refer to http://wiki.qnap.com/wiki/Complete_Reinitialization

- Web Administration supports fuzzy search
- Daylight Saving Time Enhancement
- Buzzer control
- Upgrade iTunes Server
- Upgrade Samba to 3.3.9
- Improve the RAID stability with some Western Digital hard drives (WD20EADS, WD15EADS, WD10EADS, WD2002FYPS, WD1002FBYS)

[Major Bug Fixes]
- Fixed Y-cam recording issue if the camera has firmware 2.1.0 or beyond
- Fixed FCS-1030 camera recording issue
- Fixed changing administration port will cause remote access with port forwarding to fail
- Fixed failed Remote Replication in some circumstances
- Fixed UI display error (Linear Disk Volume) when creating new shares on a RAID 1 volume
- Fixed Mac permission issue
- Fixed Google Chrome & Firefox cannot download QPKGs on the Get QPKG page

[Known Issues]
- Enabling UPnP (TwonkyMedia) will cause HDD standby/sleep to fail
- Twonky Media Server self-restarts on some media files
- Twonky Media Server is unable to display some MP4 files
- For first-time installation, can only use 'Settings' -> 'Run Quick Configuration Wizard' in QNAP Finder to setup NAS

TS-109/ 109II/ 109 Pro/ 109 Pro II

TS-209/ 209II/ 209 Pro/ 209 Pro II

TS-409/ 409 Pro