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07-05-10, 06:10
PowerZest is old trademark of HoneyWld Taiwan. Now they put 1 model for HD Market: PowerZest 500D.

PowerZest HD-500D

1. High Definition Media Player up to 1080p ( H.264,VC1 and WMV9)
2. Instant Access to favorite internet Video/Photo/Radio (Live365,etc...)
3. Media Transferable among PC, Mobile and NAS
4. DLNA 1.5 and UPnP 1.0 Compliant
5. Multimedia Streaming from PC, Mobile and NAS media storage to PowerZest via Wired or Wireless
6. HDMI 1.3 + Composite Video Output
7. 64/128 Bit WEP and WPA-PSK network security support
8. Network Wizard to Easily Connect to Home Networking
9. eSATA storage support as Personal Media Center
10. Web Browser for RSS, and Google,Yahoo,...Daily News
11. BitTorrent Download Support
12. Weather Indicator
13. Realtime Clock Support
14. YouTube Support


19-06-12, 18:34
This product suck, movie lagging, movie not updated, unable to search movie using english text, poor quality

18-10-12, 06:08
Hi there,

I totally agree. This product is lousy and not worth the money I paid for. The news channels are all pre-recorded stuff. Support seldom replies to you queries and movies no longer work because they have some problems with their server.

Not to mention that there are no more firmware updates for sometimes now.

I should had chosen something else.

Good day.