View Full Version : Cannot get Qnap 109pro II to work with any Gigabit Switch

26-06-10, 15:24
Im having problems with my Qnap 109 pro II which i have owned for 2 years or so.

Ive upgraded my network to the devices below.

D-LINK DSL-2740R WIRELESS N modem/router (http://www.dlink.co.uk/cs/Satellite?c=Product_C&childpagename=DLinkEurope-GB%2FDLProductCarousel&cid=1197375464607&packedargs=locale%3D1195806691854&pagename=DLinkEurope-GB%2FDLWrapper&p=1197318962342&packedargs=TopLevelPageProduct%3DHome%26packedargs %3DProductParentID%253D1195808621247) (Four RJ-45 10/100Mbps MDI/MDIX auto-sensing Fast Ethernet ports)

D-LINK DGS-1008D Gigabit 8 Port Switch (http://www.dlink.co.uk/cs/Satellite?c=Product_C&childpagename=DLinkEurope-GB%2FDLProductCarousel&cid=1197319334717&pagename=DLinkEurope-GB%2FDLWrapper)


Now two problems i have noticed.


The Qnap when configured with dhcp is not in the routers Dhcp client list but it does have a ip address which i can ping and access the web management tool.
When i give it a static ip address of subnetmask and default gateway address of i can also ping etc.

Next problem comes with the gigabit switch, i wanna point out here that i also had a problem with a Belkin gigabit router.

With the qnap configured with a static ip address, i plug the ethernet into the gigabit switch and no lights at all show on the switch also on the nas the nic cards amber and green lights blink 3 times and then goes out for about 5 seconds or so also the lan on the front of the nas bliinks at the same time as the nic.

Now i have tried using many ethernet cables both straight and crossover but no joy at all.

Anyone had the same issue and is it gigabit related.

Also can i telnet into the nas and see whats going on with the nic.

I wanna point out that i am cisco trained so im pretty good with networks but this seems like a nic problem.

I found this site (http://www.uoregon.edu/~joe/jumbo-clean-gear.html) that lists mtu jumbo frame sizes for differant switches/routers etc but i have tried all the mtu sizes on the qnap with no success.

26-06-10, 18:49
A quick update

Did a firmware update to the latest one v3.2.0 Build0622 and both issues above still exists.

Plus does not work with a belkin gigabit modem/router also.

Anyone reading this got there 109 pro to connect to a gigabit switch, if this doesnt work then surely qnap have mis sold me an item that does not support gigabit networking when it says it does.

26-06-10, 20:38
You should try to stay away from using MTU size settings until you get to the bottom of the problem by working your way down...

PC Cross Link with NAS... what are the results?
- Both GBIT and operations OK... No issue with nick

If you connect the switch and router, leave DHCP enabled, this means the connection is made between the NAS and the router which is the DHCP over the GBIT switch in between them.

Referred by you
The Qnap when configured with dhcp is not in the routers Dhcp client list but it does have a ip address which i can ping and access the web management tool.So the connection is there...
Check the admin panel for connectiion status on QNAP (10/100 or gbit?)
What happens if you define the QNAP on the router? Are firewall configurations and such shut down on the router to ensure that is not causing problems?

Some switches do downgrade to 10/100 if connected to a 10/100 source (router) but I don't know DLINK devices all that well to know that's one of the things happenning.

Other things possible to try:

Router / PC / NAS without GBIT switch... How does it work?
Router / PC / GBIT Switch...
The add QNAP... Maybe incompatibility is one of the issues here (seen it before, but very rarely, unfortunately, also including Dlink devices)

26-06-10, 21:03
What i have done is just connect the qnap to the unmanaged d-link gigabit switch and the nic lights flash on and off every so many seconds, heres a log that supports it.


Im thinking it has something to do with jumbo frames, if the switch has a differant jumbo frame setting then it wont connect with the nas, but i have tried the 1500 setting which is disabling jumbo frames, but i have tried all the mtu sizes and nothink works.

A few hours later.

Downgraded the qnaps firmware to 2.1.4 and the issue with the gigabit switch is still there, even if i disable jumbo frames to 1500 bytes, the 100mb router see's it but the gigabit switch does,nt even my belkin gigabit router doesnt see it.

geting fed up now with the dam thing looks like ill have to stick with 100mb.

27-06-10, 07:42
Pretty sure you don't have to stick with 100mbit. Something must be causing this and time is needed to investigate what it is. If you try cross PC/NAS directly and move on from there adding GBIT, assuring every step passes checking, you should be able to pinpoint the issue...

The messages nic down, nick up, can be an endless renegotitaing problem between the NAS and the devices on your network...

27-06-10, 12:35
It works in gigabit mode with my PC which has a gigabit nic, it also works when it is connected to my 100mb router,but it just wont work with any gigabit device i have, thats the d-link switch and a Belkin n vision router, all i can think of is that its a faulty nic.

Would like to know if anyone else outthere uses there qnap with a gigabit device and if its a compatability problem.

27-06-10, 13:31
No problem here using NetGear.
As i said before, D-Link has a history of compatibility issues with devices, dunno on Belkin... Try a NetGear switch if you can get your hands on in. Chances are, it will work as expected... (or there may be issues between GBIT switch and the router connected together as your router is also... D-Link...)

27-06-10, 13:59
Hi There,

I use a QNAP TS-219P with a D-Link DGS-1008D in gigabit. No problem here.

What happens if you set the speed on your QNAP fixed on 100 or 1000 mbit?

27-06-10, 14:04
As there been much talk on the forum about gigabit networking, maybe a compatability list would be of benifit or just list devices that have trouble with nas's such as the qnap etc.

What i wanted to do was upgrade my network to gigabit, at the moment i have a sky modem router (Netgear DG834G) which is a 100mb 802.11g.


And upgrade the modem to a 802.11N either 100mb or gigabit but theres not alot of 1000mb modem/routers out there apart from belkin and d-link.

Then my plan was to buy a gigabit switch off ebay (d-link DGS-1008D) then connect my gigabit pc and my dune prime 3 to the gigabit switch as well as the qnap 109 pro II nas and in thus connect the switch to the modem for internet access.

But the tricky part is buying something that works together, i was looking at upgrading my nas to either a 2bay or 3bay nas such as the new qnap ts-410 or the Thecus N0503.

Any ideas on what switch to buy that would be compatable with a thecus,qnap and the dune (i know the gigabit networking on the dune is not quite there yet) but for future compatability.

27-06-10, 14:27
no can do, we find so many instances where one works vs somewhere else not, and that is with all devices... Difficult to keep track under which conditions and parameters the issues are caused...

i use the netgear gs switch. series.. no complaints whatsoever
(notice above someone uses the same router as you with no issues)

27-06-10, 14:32
Would you recommend the ProSafe GS108.

11-07-10, 11:57
I do wonder now after so much headache and trying to get the my 109pro to work that it may be a firmware update that may have broken the gigabit networking something like the TCP/IP stack maybe.

I also noticed that the bittorrent is no longer working, i can add torrents but the download never starts, the torrent works great with Utorrent which runs on my desktop.

Ive tried downgrading the firmware with no luck, does anyone know how i can find out what firmware my nas came with,maybe installing the factory set firmware would restore the gigabit networking and bittorrent or maybe not.

13-07-10, 20:02
Just a quick update if anyones following this or intersted.

I took the hdd out of the nas and connected it to my Gigabit modem, now if everything works as it should, it should connect and give itself an APIPA 169.254.x.x address.

This is what happens once turned on:

The gigabit router can see the nas and the nas's ethernet card flash's but after about 15 seconds or so the router loses the connection to the nas and the nas's nic flash's on/off every 5-8 seconds, this is the same when a hdd was connected with a static ip address.

I have tried the latest and oldest firmware with the same results, not sure what firmware the nas came with, but i can confirm that i noticed this behavour once i had upgraded the firmware to the new style web interface.

Im wondering if its firmware related or if its more hardware related.