View Full Version : Nixeus Fusion HD - Any thoughts?

01-08-10, 08:22
Heard about it over at AVSForum, and the early buzz is that it's really good. It uses the Sigma 8655 chipset that the second generation WDTV uses:


Anyone else heard anything about it?

08-08-10, 21:43
me too i dont know much about that BOX
but since the PopBox Epic Fail Saga,
im really thinking of getting this Box instead...

It seems it delivers good and does what it says it does,,,

And not to mention, apprently,
Tech Support is really good....

OverAll, i dont know, too early to tell but,
it seems like a well rounded Box that does well currently....

08-08-10, 23:55
That must be the ugliest media player ever build, if you ask me. :(

09-08-10, 19:34
That must be the ugliest media player ever build, if you ask me. :(

True... but I thought its what the insides that count?

I think there are some videos of it on the Youtube... the GUI ain't the prettiest from what I've seen - but from what I have read on other forums it does what it advertises to do...

09-08-10, 19:59
only time will tell...

Especially since they working towards getting DTS-HD MA PASS + FULL BD MENUS

09-08-10, 20:19
Could be a problem because full bd menus need bd java which is not possible on the 8655 if got i correct in my mind.

09-08-10, 20:46
Tech support of FUSION-HD replied to me by MAIL,

they said their Engineers are working on FUL BD MEnus support...

but as we all know, many say stuff, not many brings out the stuff

09-08-10, 20:57

but as we all know, many say stuff, not many brings out the stuff
I hope, that i'm wrong! ;)

09-08-10, 21:46
FUSION HD support replied to me :P

they said its due to SONY copyrights for BD menus,,,

heres their message to me

Hi eSkRo,

We are definitely looking into the matter, and hopefully have the ability to have Full BD menus.

10-08-10, 23:02
There are some Youtube videos of the GUI and features... Looks decent...

11-08-10, 15:31
Looks like the new SDK standard for the 8655 chipset with some small customisations.

29-05-11, 04:00
Had this player for almost a year now - and it's been working pretty good... just tried a SBS 3D mkv file using my friend's 3DTV and surprisingly it works - but not in 3D 1080p though...:D

16-08-11, 23:50
Update: For the past week the YouTube feature was not working for the Nixeus Fusion HD. We appologize for any issue this may have caused.

We have resolved the issue and YouTube should now be working - a firmware update is not necessary. Thank-you for everyone's patience.

Best Regards,