View Full Version : M-4100SH Videos play fine then one day stop working

21-08-10, 14:06
Hi everyone

Had a quick look for this issue, but can't find anything directly like it, so I'm wondering if there's anyone come across it.

We have the M-4100SH, and while we don't appear to have the myriad of issues seen, we certainly do have one curious recurring issue. We have recorded video files, which play absoluteley fine. They will continue to work just great, then one day, just stop working. They will start to load, then stop and go back to the flie title screen. This doesn't seem to happen with any pattern; the source can be .avi, .vob, mpeg4, .mkv. They can also be from any source.

It appears to be a totally random thing. When I copy the file back to a PC, the PC can play the files perfectly, so there does not appear to be corruption of the file itself.

For info I use HDMI to connect to a Phillips 42" LCD TV.

Yes I do see other little problems with it, but this is the biggie!

Anyone have any ideas?


PS, checked the version, it says 1.2.3F - I am not in the habit of constantly
looking for the latest versions of firmware, having been burnt a few times on video card drivers!

22-08-10, 19:08
What is the temperature at your place.

If the TVIX is getting to hot there are several Problems with it.

Do you have the "newest" Firmware installed?

Make a chkdsk /f with the TVIX HD at your Computer.

23-08-10, 05:30
The temperature is not too high, at least ambient - we live in an airconditioned house. I can hear the fan working as well.

Like I said, a single file will just 'fail', but when it happens all the rest work fine. Even if you turn the Tvix off and come back the next day, that particular file will never play again

I'll update the frimware, but would like to know which gives the least issues, I can see from the threads that this is not without risk.

"Make a chkdsk /f with the TVIX HD at your Computer" you mean scan the hard drive?

Thanks for your input!