View Full Version : Audio problem with 5100

27-08-10, 23:04
i have a problem with a tvix 5100HD, i have the firmware 1.4.52 and when i try to play a mkv with two audio track like ITA -> DTS or DD and ITA -> AAC i can't listening anything.
I use the optical audio with an ampli denon AVCA1XV, someone can help me to know how is the problem?
Maybe u think that if i install the new beta firmware 1.7.15 i can solve the problem?
Thank you very much !

28-08-10, 15:37
Make sure the audio settings are correct on the unit to pass on the audio to the receiver or use downmix should your receiver not be capable to handle these audio formats...

28-08-10, 15:47
mmh, i've tryed to set my ampli, but i can't listening nothing !
i've read in other forum that is a tvix problem, but there isn't a solution.
u know if now with the "new" firmware the problem is solved?
Thank you!

29-08-10, 16:41
The audio in the tvix it's setting rigth (all digital) and i try to see the movie by LAN.
U think that is this the problem? Now i'm trying to put the video in the tvix hd.