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29-10-10, 00:12

This is my first post on this forum (although I have watched with interest the progress re: open-tvix - good work fellas!)

I currently have a tvix 5100SH, streaming 1080p from a qnap 419P over NFS (wired 10/100).

Everything is sweet until the size of the movie (normally mkv) reaches about 10GB plus. Movies this size play for a bit (presumably until the buffer is empty) then usually the video hangs or stutters.

I've had a look at my network and all seems fine so based on this (and various other bits of info I've managed to find) it would appear the device is CPU bound when streaming over the network. The same movie plays fine if I transfer it to the internal drive.

Can anyone confirm that I have indeed reached the limitation of this device, before I begin looking for alternative players please?


27-07-11, 20:36
On my configuration streaming NFS on wired 100Mbps from a quad-core 3GHz+ PC using Win7x64 + TviX utility software for NFS sharing - all works OK including MKVs of 15GB+ with x264 or VC1 coding. Maybe it'a QNAP problem?

08-08-11, 15:03
Are you sure are you using TviX utility software for NFS sharing...?