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11-11-10, 15:43
Hi, I have tried searching for this and come up empty. Hopefully, this post is in the right place.

I've ripped many of my DVDs to WMV9/WMApro 10 5.1 for playback on my xbox360. This works great and xbox outputs Dolby Digital 5.1 to my receiver. Now I would like a second device (other than another xbox) that would basically work the same way. What I've found is that some players (i.e. wdlive and maybe the patriot box) will decode the WMV fine, but output the WMAPRO audio as stereo PCM. This is *not* what I want.

So, I'm looking for a device that can play these WMVs and output the 5.1 audio to my receiver in a format my receiver can understand (i.e. Dolby Digital or DTS or maybe LPCM -- not WMA-PRO). Does anyone know of a device that will do this?

I'm posting in this section because I thought maybe the upcoming Dune HD Lite 53D could do so, but I can't tell from their marketing and it doesn't seem to have shipped yet.

Mods, please move this thread if I'm in the wrong place. I tried to find a suitable forum.

p.s. I know that WMV is the step-child of formats, but it's the only thing that works well on the xbox 360 with 5.1 sound and I don't want to re-rip everything.

11-11-10, 16:12
As far as my knowledge goes all sigma based players decode WMA & WMAPro to a LPCM stream.

For RTK based players i can't tell since i have no experience with those.

13-11-10, 16:22
Thanks for the response. Can you recommend any that I can buy in the US. Cheaper is better but the main things I'm looking for are WMV decoding and easy-to-use, responsive interface.