View Full Version : (mount request denied) Tvix 5000A (Yes I know it's Old)

06-12-10, 11:34
Not sure if this is the right fourm.


Freenas Version: 0.7.2 Sabanda (revision 5543)
Media Player: Divco Tvix 5000A

Issue: With NFS enabled. When trying to connect to the NFS share from my divco I get the following the freenas logs (mount request denied from for /mnt/tvixhd1)

Export file shows
supernas:/# cat /etc/exports
/mnt/tvixhd1 -alldirs -mapall=root -network -mask

Could someone please help me. I'm sure all my settings are correct on both dvico tvix and freenas.


06-12-10, 17:00
You should grant the IP address from the TVIX access.
Like the sample below:

/mnt/tvixhd1 -alldirs -mapall=root "IP ADDRESS TVIX HERE"

Following line would allow IP to connect over NFS to /mnt/tvixhd1
/mnt/tvixhd1 -alldirs -mapall=root

(no need for the mask if both devices on the same network)

I assume this would work...

You can use a * instead of IP to grant all network devices access.
You can use IP range like to grant all devices with such IP's access etc...

07-12-10, 11:56
Hi Thanks for that.

That seems to have fixed the issue.