View Full Version : Export selection button not working (v1)

22-12-10, 18:18
I've been going totally crazy about this.

It was working yesterday, but today after booting the button just doesn't work anymore.

Processed a TV serie and a Movie as well to test.
Hit the Export button, and the "Export Selection"button is greyed out.

I want to export in basic mode, but switching export mode doesn't change the greyed out button.

Deleted yaDis and reinstalled, nothing.
Deleted yaDis again, deleted all traces in registry and appdata folder, reinstalled still nothing.

This is driving me crazy, i need this function. Why is the button greyed out ?

26-12-10, 10:47
Ok got it working again.
Apparently i missed some registry strings

Small word of warning to everybody who want's to stick with v1 for the fundamental export.

Above problem came up when i installed v2 to translate.
If you want to revert back to v1 properly you really need to obliterate all traces of yadis from your PC.

Delete your workspace, delete all trace's in appdata/local/Fred-L and scan your registry as well for any traces of yadis.

Once these are deleted you can install v1 again and it will work properly.