View Full Version : HDi Should buy Yadis

24-12-10, 16:59
I say this because of the pain of moving to a new indexer.

I'm thinking Yadis is going to be my indexer... And it took me probably 2 hours last night just to go through around 110 movies and fix their covers, fanart, etc... (Fix sometimes meaning they were the wrong ones - like a cover for the german or french versions.... Or to just choose better fanart)

Imagine if I had hundreds more movies in my collection?

Saving me from a day of this type of work could easily make me willing to spend an extra hundred dollars for HDi equipment over a rival higher end device.

(Although to be fair other indexers use IMDB which do make it a bit easier on the English speaking fans so that 2 hours probably would not be 2 hours across the board)

Ok I know HDi isn't going to buy the program out to distribute it with their players... or at least it isn't likely, but I just felt like sharing because once you do make an indexer choice, and you have a fair amount of movies... You really don't want to move to a different program or different media player architecture.

25-12-10, 23:26
Hdi shouldnt buy Yadis, they should hire Fred L instead.

If I was in the management of HDI I would contract this guy to develop Yadis exclusively for Dune players. This would put all the competitors off the game.

No other player has half as good solution as Yadis is.

26-12-10, 05:07
Well that's kinda what I meant...

That they should buy the right to distribute the program, and pay him to keep developing it.

Although the scraping sites might then expect $$ from a product they officially sanction since they didn't develop their web content for scrapers to ignore all their advertising.

26-12-10, 07:51
My complete film collection of 1000+ titles is made under Zappiti. If ever I want to move over to yaDIS I definitely need an import tool, it's no option to redo everything by hand.