View Full Version : Updating detail-page after changes of template/options

06-01-11, 20:59

Currently you have to re-process all records of yaDIS when you are changing the template or if you change the case-option.
My problem with this is, that this also resets the verification-status to "not verified".

Would it not be possible to add a functionality "regenerate images", which will not change the verification status?

Example: I have colored the classification-icons (France) and wanted to apply the new design to all movies. Normally I take care to change the verification status back to verified when the re-processed items still selected, but I have accidentally clicked on another item and now I have to re-verify everything again.


07-01-11, 15:50
Would it be sufficient to always avoid the reset to "not verified" status when we re-process a media ?
I prefer a solution like that instead of a new button or menu option ;)

07-01-11, 16:18
Salut Fred-L,

btw: Happy new year!

This is difficult to answer, as I can only speak about my needs, and I do not know, if the other users of yaDIS prefer the way it is working now.
(Moreover I'm using yaDIS only since version 2 and I do not have the history of usage of version 0.x and 1.x).

From my point of view, I would prefer a reset only in the case you are re-scraping the information from the net. Manually changing the cover or the fanart should not change the checked status (if I change something manually inside the record, it means I'm on the way of adjusting details. If the record has the status "verified" before, I do not want it to switch back to "not verified". It is an additional unneeded step to re-validate it again).

But once again, that is my personal opinion and maybe not the majority of yaDIS users.