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27-01-11, 14:21

I have e few small questions concerning Yadis.
My Series are on my internal HDD in my Dune HD Max. My dune is not connected to the internet (not possible). How can i proces the files on my internal HDD using yadis on my computer? Is it only possible when PC and Dune are connected through my home network, or is there some kind of workaround??

Other question? My movies are on an external HDD. I processed all the movies, but what do I do next? There is no english or dutch manual, and other languages I do not understand. Processing my files with yaDis was quite obvious, but the exporting procedure is pretty complex. Can somebody explain it to me? btw, my dune is not connected to my home network, so the "remote"-option (whatever it may be), I read in the german manual is not possible.

I tried searching extensively for answers to these questions, but could not find any.

27-01-11, 16:22

I will try to give you some more information (assuming we are speaking about 2.0).

1. yaDIS needs to have access to the files you want to process. The easiest way is the home-network. I think it should also possible to connect the internal HD to the PC (not sure, if you can connect via USB or if you would extract the HDD and connect it to your PC). The important part then will be the correct configuration of the Dune folder with the UUID of the HDD inside the Dune.

2. People are often confused about the configuration of the folders inside yaDIS, moreover the automatic generation of the Dune-folder is not working for all cases. In general there are three folders. The yaDIS workspace is the location where yaDIS stores the information about the media. This can be located wherever you want on the PC. The Dune interface folder is the location where yaDIS exports the interface on the Dune. This folder must be accessible by the Dune and it is the folder you select in the Dune to start the yaDIS interface on your TV. Last but not least you have the media-folders. The first is the folder where the yaDIS application on Windows can access your media-files. The second is the location the Dune will use to access the files (i.e. this must be accessible by the Dune).

There are a lot of posts regarding the configuration of the folders in the yaDIS 2 support thread. I'm sure you can find some examples to configure the access to the internal HDD.

Why can't you connect the Dune to the network?


27-01-11, 18:33
Thanks for your answers. It's getting a bit clearer now.
What I get from your answer is that it's best to connect the dune to my network. That wil probably clear things up and will be the most easy way to set up yaDIS on my Dune.
Also now I understand the meaning of all the different necessary folders, thanks.

I can't connect to my local network, because I'm living in an appartement abroad for only 2 months. The wireless router is at my neighbours appartement, so I can't connect to it using a cable, and I have no wireless adapter and am not willing to buy one cause within 2 months I will be back home, where it will be possible to connect the Dune to the router using a cable. So long story short, I'm just to cheap to buy a $10 piece of plastic after buying a $500 dollar media player :-D

07-04-11, 20:16
Not got my B1 yet (its in the post!) but reading up about how to setup Yadis. I have an external USB HDD that i will connect up to the B1, the B1 will be connected into my router.
All the movies are on this USB drive, couple of things;

1. should i be able to see the USB HDD connected to the Dune from my laptop (connected to the same router of course) which is running Win 7 x64? (under networks i assume, plus i'll be able to access anyh folders on the HDD?)

2. Can i set the Dune Interface location as my USB HDD and it wont overwrite the movies on the USB drive or must i have a separate USB pen drive attached to the Dune to write this Dune i/f location to?

3. Will everything work ok if the workspace is specified as somewhere on my laptop and hence wont always be switched on when the Dune is in use?

Thanks for any help.

07-04-11, 23:46

1. Yes, you should (SMB Server enabled on the Dune).
2. Yes, you can and none of your Movies will be overwritten or deleted.
3. Yes.

yadis Configuration should be something like this:

Workspace = C:\Progam Files\yaDIS\workspace (depends on the Installation Path on your PC).

For Dune interface location: -> create a folder yaDIS on the HDD (with the movies) attched to Dune (via USB).
Dune interface location = smb://IP-Adress_of_the_Dune/yaDIS

Folders (Movies / TV Shows) =>
Folder = smb://IP-Adress_of_the_Dune/your_movie_folder
Dune Path = storage_label://Label_of_HDD_attached_to_Dune/your_movie_folder

Hope this helps


08-04-11, 13:20
Is the SMB server on the Dune enabled by default? I've had a look at the manual on the Dune website and it doesnt seem to mention anything about turning the SMB server on or off when using a PC to access the HDD attached the Dune (ie HDD is turned into a NAS by the Dune).

08-04-11, 15:01

I do not know, if by Default, but it can easily enabled in the setup.


08-04-11, 20:33

How do you enable it then, i must be blind, stupid or both cus i cant see it!


09-04-11, 10:01

Setup-Application-SMB Server

(at least on my Dune Smart)