View Full Version : Problem making the index for my Dune with MyMovies

02-02-11, 19:02
Hi, i have a problem with mymovies to build the index for my Dune HD.
I use the latest version 3.19PR4, same with 3.18, of MyMovies.

I changed everything so the files could be played, so there is no problem
after many trys. But my problem is, that MyMovies builds around 100 titles
and than seems to hang. No more movies seem to come up in the index and
it seems that MyMovies doesn't move on.

So i checked the error log and it says someting about "less RAM". So i checked
the ressource monitor of my Win7 machine. There is so much RAM for Standby,
around 800 MB. But the free RAM really seems to be at 0 - 20 MB.

Does anybody use MyMovies for indexing on a Win7 machine and gets more
than 100 titles. I have around 530 titles, so still a way from the end.

I posted it in the MyMovies forum but nobody seems to can help, i am not
shure if the admin read the thread. So my hope is maybe somebody here
has an idea what the problem could be.

For me it seems that MyMovies doesn't clear up RAM while indexing and/or
requests the useable RAM ( STANDBY ). The SQLserver process has around
500 MB and MyMovies process around 300 MB, so ... I am happy for any
suggestion what i could try.

16-02-11, 17:43
I found that when mymovies got stuck updating the metadata for me it was due to not being able to identify the file it had reached. I renamed the file changing from upper case to lower case and ran the updater again, it went fine after that.
So not sure if that will help in your case but its something to look at.